Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Camp Cabin in the Woods

While Jackson was finishing up his last week of school, Andrew got to go spend a week with Gram and Pop at the Cabin in the Woods. 

A whole week away from his mommy? Surely he was a tiny bit homesick, right? Wrong. This kid didn't miss us at all! And who can blame him?

He got to help Pop break in the new swing...

Make sure all of the 4 wheeler trails were in good condition...

He got to eat all of his favorite foods.

He had his first fishing trip...

...which was very successful!

Even rainy days inside were a treat!

Yes, this face pretty much sums up his week!

Meanwhile in College was so quiet and relaxed! We learned that separately, Jackson and Andrew are absolutely delightful children. At home, we hardly raised our voice and Gram and Pop report that Andrew was extremely well behaved as well. Apparently it's just the combination of the two boys baking soda and vinegar. Together they are explosive. Several times, Jackson let out a big sigh and said "I miss Andrew!" And Andrew told Gram and Pop "I can't wait to wrestle with Jackson!" Distance does make the heart grow fonder!

Thanks, Gram and Pop for doting on our sweet Andrew! He's already asked me about 17 times "When can I go back to Grammy and Pop's?"

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