Thursday, June 30, 2016

Benjamin is 9 Months!

Precious Benjamin is 9 months and has now been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. Time is flying! He had absolutely no interest in his 9 month photo shoot, as you can tell from all these pictures of a very wiggly baby. 

My blog post is a little late but his 9 month check-up was right on time. Here are his updated stats:
Weight: 21 lbs, 8 oz (80th%)
Height: 28.5 in (58th%)
Head Circ: 44.7 cm (41st%)

He's wearing 12 month and 18 month clothes and his next box of diapers will be size 4s. We are about to buy him his big boy car seat since his infant seat only goes to 22lbs. 

All that growth is undoubtedly due to the fact that the boy eats everything! No baby food for this big guy, give him a hamburger (broken up into little pieces, of course)! It's hard to say what foods he likes best because he really does like everything, but he does seem to especially like beans. He eats them by the fistful. As a result of all that eating and because he would much rather be busy, he is cutting back on his bottles at school/nursing at home. He takes a sippy cup like a champ though so we've started putting his breastmilk in a cup along with his meal and that seems to work well to get a few more ounces in him.
Gimme that camera mom!
He's crawling everywhere quickly and cruising with ease. He can also walk with a push toy really well. He's not showing much interest in trying to stand independently though so maybe we've bought a little time in this whole walking thing. For now anyway! 

The little ride-on toy above has a compartment in the seat where you can hide treasures. Ben put one of his toys inside and practiced opening and closing the compartment. Hours later after a nap, he came back to the toy and opened it up right away to retrieve the toy he had put there, showing us that he remembered he put his toy inside. Object permanence! Smart boy!

Mama is still his favorite person in the whole world. He's fine with other people if I'm out of his sight, but forget about holding him if I'm there. He's still not a great sleeper, still waking a couple of times throughout the night until I put him in our bed. I know he does this because I put him in our bed, but the working mom guilt makes it so hard not to sneak in some extra snuggles with him during the night. The working mom exhaustion might win this battle though because mama seriously needs an uninterrupted night's sleep...or ten and even when he's in our bed he has periods of restlessness that keep us awake. He's lucky he's cute!

He definitely agrees with the cuteness...mirrors are one of his favorite things! And look, he's finally getting some hair!

Other favorite hobbies include shredding and eating paper (he had me sweating at his doctor's appointment trying to fill out a form while keeping him from eating the paper exam table cover and/or toppling off of the exam table), finding the tiniest crumbs on the floor to shove in his mouth, pulling every single toy out of the cabinet, and banging toys loudly on the floor.

He has a feisty personality! When he's done with dinner, he is DONE and no one else will eat in peace once he is ready to be out of the high chair. We have quickly learned his distinct frustrated cry when a forbidden object has been placed out of his grasp. He lets us know quickly when he isn't getting his way! Similarly, he let me know when he was done with this photo shoot by dramatically yanking off the month sticker and eating it!
Photo shoot over, mom!
Yes, every day he's a little less of a baby and a little more big kid. I cannot wrap my head around how quickly these months are flying by. I've started pinning ideas for his first birthday which makes me want to cry, but I know it's going to be here in a blink!

Deep gene pool, here! These boys all look SO different!

Happy 9 months, sweet man! We love you so much!

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