Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aggie Baseball

Justin and I are sitting here on the couch watching the Aggie baseball team beat the hell outta Wake Forest in the college baseball regional tournament and I remembered that we had a family outing to an Aggie Baseball game last month during the craziness that was May that I had forgotten to blog.

My department went as a big group, so it was the perfect chance to bring the boys for their first Aggie Baseball game. 

The guys were pretty good for the first couple of innings, but baseball is a pretty slow game and the Aggies weren't scoring much that night which made it even slower. We had promised Jackson and Andrew that they could go play on the playground that is at the ball park when we got to the 5th inning. So once they got bored, they were singularly fixated on that so we heard lots of "When is it going to say 5?" since we had shown them on the scoreboard where the inning number was displayed. 

They did enjoy visiting with my work friends though! We called it a night at the 5th inning just after they got their long awaited trip to the playground.

On the way out, Andrew was more than willing to pose for me, but Jackson wanted nothing to do with it (he was still mad about having to leave).

Aggie fans blow bubbles when the team scores, and the boys had been waiting all night to blow their bubbles but never got the chance. Andrew was delighted that we finally let him blow his bubbles once we were outside!

Gig 'em Ags!

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