Thursday, June 2, 2016

A T-riffic Season

Jackson's t-ball season is in the books! He loved it!

We loved watching him play because he just enjoyed it so much!

Woohoo third base!

Baseball ready!

Time to run!
 The season wrapped up with a fun pool party with the team.

Andrew cannot wait until he is big enough for t-ball. I'm not sure that he even cares much about the actual game, but he is very excited about snacks after each game and pool parties!

This was our first trip to the pool this summer and while the water was a bit cool for my taste, the boys had a blast.

Even Benny got to take a little dip!

Mostly he enjoyed hanging out with Gram and Pop though who had come into town to pick up Andrew for his week with them.

Swimming is exhausting!

Thanks for a great season, Cardinals!

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