Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

I have some catch up posts planned from the last two weeks, but first...Mother's Day! My Mother's Day Weekend kicked off with Mommy Makeover Day at Jackson's school! This moment almost didn't happen because we were only made aware of the occasion a week before it was scheduled to occur. Normally my work schedule is somewhat flexible, but I had a meeting planned with my VP at the very same time and I just couldn't get out of it. Serious working mom guilt and lots of tears (mine, Jackson had no idea) followed the discovery of the schedule conflict. Thankfully we didn't have to deal with a very disappointed little boy (and mom!) because the meeting got rescheduled!

Jackson was very happy to see me and walked me in and sat me in his little chair. He offered me water and showed me my gift. He was not overly excited about the actual makeover it turns out makeup isn't really his thing. But he applied blush, lip gloss and eye shadow. He also gave me a hand massage and applied nail polish (thankfully he picked clear!) And I got lots of snuggles! He was content just to sit in my lap and give me hugs. Precious boy. So so so glad I could be there. As a dear mentor said "You can reschedule meetings, but you can't reschedule moments." 

According to Jackson's "All About my Mom", apparently my favorite food is salad (I let him in on the secret though that I eat chocolate after he goes to bed), favorite drink is wine 😁, we like to play games together, I'm good at cooking and I'm special to him because I spend quality time with him

As soon as we picked up Andrew he started asking for hamburgers for dinner. We didn't have the ingredients to make them at home, so we headed to Freddy's. Everyone ate their dinner, so we had some ice cream for dessert.

Benjamin was loving his ice cream!

Jackson and Andrew split a "dirt n worms" sundae but Jackson lost interest after the gummy worms were gone. So Andrew took advantage of two spoons. Mmmmm it's so good!

Saturday morning brought some pretty cute morning visitors to our bed! Jackson had been there snuggling for a long time but he had left by this time.

Jackson got his Benjamin playtime later in the day though! He invented a game to play with Benjamin that he calls "Baby Soccer" in which one may only crawl while head butting the ball. Logical.

After running a couple of errands we set up the water table and Ben got to try it out for the first time!

Yep, he's a fan.

Today I slept in a little while Justin cooked me breakfast in bed. Justin reports the boys weren't too much help with the cooking, but they were eager to help with the eating!

I am a lucky mama!

According to Andrew's "All About Mom", I am 4 years old. I'm really good at chores, I work really hard when he's at school, I make a great pizza, and he loves me more than show and tell. Which is a lot.  ❤️

A squirmy, grabby handed 7 month old is a bad combination with breakfast in bed, so Benjamin got his mommy snuggles a little while later. This will be the only Mother's Day when he will fit in my arms so I soaked it up.

I took the big boys to see The Jungle Book. We had planned to go for a picnic afterwards but it was raining so we settled for lunch at McAlisters after the movie. While the boys napped, I slipped out for a pedicure and enjoyed the quiet and the pampering! Justin made my favorite chicken parmesan for dinner. Just to keep it real, the big boys were in rare form during dinner as a result of being cooped up inside all day. They were already driving us crazy and Ben was cranky and tired (dinner was later than usual and he was ready for bed) and we were just ready to send everyone to bed. I was holding crabby Ben while trying to eat my dinner when he grabbed my salad bowl and slammed it to the floor in a blink. So poor Justin had to get up to clean up the shattered bowl and caesar salad all over the floor. 

These days of the in the trenches parenting are hard. We are tired. We question if we are doing anything right. But even as the salad bowl is slamming to the floor I realize the day will come, and sooner than we expect, that we will look back and laugh and long for these days. If you haven't seen it already and need a good ugly cry, watch this video.

Yes, I'm a very loved and blessed mommy!

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