Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life on the wild[life] side

We recently did one of our favorite spring time activities--butterflies! I ordered our cup o caterpillars and we watched them grow from tiny little caterpillars about the size of a grain of rice to big ol fat caterpillars about an inch long. Then we woke up one morning and they had formed their chrysalides. A few more days and they started emerging one by one into butterflies!

We watched them flutter around in the enclosure for a few days, drinking the juice of the orange slices we gave them, and then it was time to release them!

The butterflies are surprisingly "tame" for just a few seconds after being removed from the enclosure and will usually sit on a finger before taking flight.

Have a happy life butterflies!

We had another recent encounter with wildlife. I was sitting in the bathroom (which all moms know is code for "I need just a few minutes of peace") when Jackson barges in. "Look what I found mom!" And thrusts a lizard in my face. Very much alive and squirming.
Next time I will remember to lock the door. #boymom

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