Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kinder at the Farm

The much anticipated kindergarten field trip finally arrived...and then was rescheduled for rain. But then it finally, actually arrived and oh boy, were they excited to board that yellow school bus! Destination: P6 Farms. 

Due to the reschedule, I wasn't able to make it but Justin could, and Jackson was very happy to have his daddy with him for the day. Now if some of these activities look familiar, it's because this is the same farm we typically visit in the fall for the corn maze. Jackson's class rotated between each activity, starting with the cow train....which is basically like a roller coaster where you throw your hands in the air if you're a real dare devil. 

The "corn popper" jumping pillow is always a hit.

On the hay ride they saw cows, horses, baby goats and baby sheep, and fields of crops.

And this swing/carousel thing was a new attraction since the last time we were there.

The activity Jackson came home talking about though was getting to shoot the water cannon! 

A feat that could only be achieved by kindergartners...the whole class in one chair!

It was a day of fresh air, fun activities, and hanging out with your best buddies. It doesn't get much better than that!

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