Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jackson is a Kindergarten Graduate!

Jackson wrapped up his last week of kindergarten last week! All of the kindergarten classes put on the cutest end of year program. 

The benefit to your kid being one of the shortest in the whole grade is that he will always be front and center. =) 

The big jump from preschool to kindergarten was never more apparent than during their program. Compared to preschool programs, the songs were melodic...the children were carrying the tune, no one was "shout-singing", and you could actually understand all of the words. No one fell off their spot on the stage when doing the motions, and no one sat crying because they saw their parent and couldn't go to them.

After the songs were the awards. They gave out 8 different award categories such as "Remarkable Reader", "Marvelous Mathematician" and "Amazing Athlete" with two children from each class receiving each award. Every child received an award, but I'm not sure that Jackson realized this, and was getting super nervous when nearly everyone around him had an award and he didn't. Finally, the "Super Scientists" were announced and he finally heard his name called!

Benjamin was very proud of his "Super Scientist" big brother!

For the grandparents, here's the program highlights:

After the program, we got a picture with Jackson and his teacher, Ms. Loke. Bless her.

And just a couple of days later was the official last day of school!

Wasn't it just last week that we were snapping the first day of school photos? And when did he grow 4 inches? And start looking so confident and...big?

Watch out first grade! The summer is going to fly by and Jackson Malnar is ready for you!

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