Thursday, May 12, 2016

Catch Up

Well, it's been a busy few weeks! It is May which means that I'm now mere days away from welcoming another 12,500 new Aggies to campus and so I'm feeling a bit like Jessie Spano.

We've had a few visitors in the past couple of weeks, starting with Grammy, Pop and Grandma Grandma.They got to see our little ball player in action at one of his games.

Pop and the boys found plenty of action in their own made-up games too!

Papa John and Granny were our next visitors. Unfortunately, they didn't get to see our little ball player in action thanks to rain. But we enjoyed visiting with them over pizza!

Benny thinks visiting is exhausting....

Or maybe he's exhausted because he's just so busy conquering one milestone after another! He hasn't quite figured out these stairs but give him a week or two!

This is the face of a man on a mission.

Also keeping us busy last week was Teacher Appreciation Week! We are so grateful for the village that surrounds our boys! I hope all of the teachers loved their cards!

Only one more day until the weekend!

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