Saturday, May 28, 2016

Benjamin is 8 Months!

Whoa! Two thirds of a year has flown by in the blink of an eye making this guy 8 months old already!

What a difference a month and 4 teeth make! At his 7 month day he had zero teeth, and now, just a month later, he has 4! This boy believes in big leaps forward. He looks so big now!

Ben has been putting all those teeth to good use with lots of eating! Once we basically gave up on giving him baby food, he became an amazingly great eater! He pretty much eats what we eat now, as long as it's soft and can be diced into tiny little bites. He loves pasta, yogurt, veggies, and any kind of bean, which is hilarious because neither of our older boys would ever eat them and still don't. Ben can't get enough. He gets mad when we are eating something that we can't share with him. His favorite thing to eat though? The washcloth in the bathtub. I just give him his own now so we don't have to battle over it.

Changing his diaper and dressing him is a cardio workout. I really should make a time lapse video of it because the struggle is real with all of the back arching, rolling over, squirming and grabbing at anything and everything. He's very observant, and doesn't miss a thing. He insists on facing out when I'm holding him, lest he miss something.

Benny is an expert crawler, going anywhere he wants. He's grown much more confident with his standing and can stand with just one hand on the furniture for support. He started to cruise earlier in the month, but thankfully, he's not showing much interest in walking yet. If we hold his hands and walk with him, his little legs don't quite know what to do. Don't worry, we're not rushing it.

He has still never slept through the night. He sleeps great in his own room in his crib from about 8-11:30 and then no matter what we do, we cannot get him to go back to sleep reliably in his own bed. He sleeps great snuggled in our bed though! And on the weekends, he often sleeps until 8:30 or so. No complaints there. He wakes up so happy in the morning. I love being in the room when he wakes up so I can see how his face just lights up immediately upon opening his eyes. Truly a little ray of sunshine!

He doesn't say any real words yet, but he can repeat sounds we make and definitely whines "mmmmmma". His favorite past times are chasing Gracie the cat and getting into things that are off limits. He knows they are off limits though because he hesitates and will look back at me before he reaches for them. Little stinker. His favorite forbidden objects are the computer cords.

Sweet baldy Benny baby!

Though, I think if we are playing the "who does he look like?" game, we must thrown another bald baby into the mix for comparison. 

Maybe he looks a tiny bit like his mama. =)

Happy 8 months, precious Benjamin!

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