Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jackson is a Kindergarten Graduate!

Jackson wrapped up his last week of kindergarten last week! All of the kindergarten classes put on the cutest end of year program. 

The benefit to your kid being one of the shortest in the whole grade is that he will always be front and center. =) 

The big jump from preschool to kindergarten was never more apparent than during their program. Compared to preschool programs, the songs were melodic...the children were carrying the tune, no one was "shout-singing", and you could actually understand all of the words. No one fell off their spot on the stage when doing the motions, and no one sat crying because they saw their parent and couldn't go to them.

After the songs were the awards. They gave out 8 different award categories such as "Remarkable Reader", "Marvelous Mathematician" and "Amazing Athlete" with two children from each class receiving each award. Every child received an award, but I'm not sure that Jackson realized this, and was getting super nervous when nearly everyone around him had an award and he didn't. Finally, the "Super Scientists" were announced and he finally heard his name called!

Benjamin was very proud of his "Super Scientist" big brother!

For the grandparents, here's the program highlights:

After the program, we got a picture with Jackson and his teacher, Ms. Loke. Bless her.

And just a couple of days later was the official last day of school!

Wasn't it just last week that we were snapping the first day of school photos? And when did he grow 4 inches? And start looking so confident and...big?

Watch out first grade! The summer is going to fly by and Jackson Malnar is ready for you!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Benjamin is 8 Months!

Whoa! Two thirds of a year has flown by in the blink of an eye making this guy 8 months old already!

What a difference a month and 4 teeth make! At his 7 month day he had zero teeth, and now, just a month later, he has 4! This boy believes in big leaps forward. He looks so big now!

Ben has been putting all those teeth to good use with lots of eating! Once we basically gave up on giving him baby food, he became an amazingly great eater! He pretty much eats what we eat now, as long as it's soft and can be diced into tiny little bites. He loves pasta, yogurt, veggies, and any kind of bean, which is hilarious because neither of our older boys would ever eat them and still don't. Ben can't get enough. He gets mad when we are eating something that we can't share with him. His favorite thing to eat though? The washcloth in the bathtub. I just give him his own now so we don't have to battle over it.

Changing his diaper and dressing him is a cardio workout. I really should make a time lapse video of it because the struggle is real with all of the back arching, rolling over, squirming and grabbing at anything and everything. He's very observant, and doesn't miss a thing. He insists on facing out when I'm holding him, lest he miss something.

Benny is an expert crawler, going anywhere he wants. He's grown much more confident with his standing and can stand with just one hand on the furniture for support. He started to cruise earlier in the month, but thankfully, he's not showing much interest in walking yet. If we hold his hands and walk with him, his little legs don't quite know what to do. Don't worry, we're not rushing it.

He has still never slept through the night. He sleeps great in his own room in his crib from about 8-11:30 and then no matter what we do, we cannot get him to go back to sleep reliably in his own bed. He sleeps great snuggled in our bed though! And on the weekends, he often sleeps until 8:30 or so. No complaints there. He wakes up so happy in the morning. I love being in the room when he wakes up so I can see how his face just lights up immediately upon opening his eyes. Truly a little ray of sunshine!

He doesn't say any real words yet, but he can repeat sounds we make and definitely whines "mmmmmma". His favorite past times are chasing Gracie the cat and getting into things that are off limits. He knows they are off limits though because he hesitates and will look back at me before he reaches for them. Little stinker. His favorite forbidden objects are the computer cords.

Sweet baldy Benny baby!

Though, I think if we are playing the "who does he look like?" game, we must thrown another bald baby into the mix for comparison. 

Maybe he looks a tiny bit like his mama. =)

Happy 8 months, precious Benjamin!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May is a Busy Month

We've discovered that May means about a dozen school activities, and I believe we've visited Jackson's school a couple of times each week this month! Mom's Day, Dad's Day, Field Trips, end of year programs and more. 

Since Jackson has a summer birthday, he got to celebrate his birthday at school a little early last week, complete with the singing of Happy Birthday by all of his friends.

And cupcakes, of course!

The very next day was Field Day and Justin got to go to this one. When I was a kid, I remember a much more formal field day with events like the 50 meter dash, 100 meter dash and standing long jump. Also known as: Meredith's least favorite day of the year....I was not athletically inclined and didn't like to get sweaty so me and Field Day weren't friends. But Jackson's field day actually looked like a blast!

Check out this happy kid!

If Field Day in 1989 consisted of sponge races, water balloon toss, three legged race, and sack races, I might not have feigned illness to avoid participating!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reasons Andrew loves Ben

Andrew, while playing with Benjamin: "Mommy, I love Benny. Because he has toes and God made him."

I guess those are just as good reasons as any!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dad's Day

I enjoyed my mom's makeover day at Jackson's school so up next was Justin's turn to enjoy Dad's Day!

The dads didn't get makeovers, though. They got to do something even more fun (in my opinion, and Jackson's too, I do believe)! They built a catapult! 

They also got to create superhero Ninja Turtles. Technically, I think they were supposed to choose to make either Ninja Turtles OR super heroes but Jackson decided to do both. I think they are perfect. =)

And apparently Dad's Day is exhausting because this was Jackson shortly after leaving school and one trip to Lowes later!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Another week and another Benjamin milestone! This time...cruising!

This was actually a couple of weeks ago...I'm just delayed in posting this so he was just 7 1/2 months old here. Crazy kid!

How we adore this precious, precocious boy!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kinder at the Farm

The much anticipated kindergarten field trip finally arrived...and then was rescheduled for rain. But then it finally, actually arrived and oh boy, were they excited to board that yellow school bus! Destination: P6 Farms. 

Due to the reschedule, I wasn't able to make it but Justin could, and Jackson was very happy to have his daddy with him for the day. Now if some of these activities look familiar, it's because this is the same farm we typically visit in the fall for the corn maze. Jackson's class rotated between each activity, starting with the cow train....which is basically like a roller coaster where you throw your hands in the air if you're a real dare devil. 

The "corn popper" jumping pillow is always a hit.

On the hay ride they saw cows, horses, baby goats and baby sheep, and fields of crops.

And this swing/carousel thing was a new attraction since the last time we were there.

The activity Jackson came home talking about though was getting to shoot the water cannon! 

A feat that could only be achieved by kindergartners...the whole class in one chair!

It was a day of fresh air, fun activities, and hanging out with your best buddies. It doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just for Kicks

Andrew recently completed his second season of soccer. Since he is still playing non-competitive soccer, his season ended with a Demo Day to show off his skills.

He looks so big to me here! 

He's a pretty good little soccer player when he decides to be!

Much to Andrew's dismay, there was no tail-tag at Demo Day. Andrew likes soccer but he LOVES tail tag. Perhaps flag football will be a good fit for him? =) But he's a darn cute soccer player. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life on the wild[life] side

We recently did one of our favorite spring time activities--butterflies! I ordered our cup o caterpillars and we watched them grow from tiny little caterpillars about the size of a grain of rice to big ol fat caterpillars about an inch long. Then we woke up one morning and they had formed their chrysalides. A few more days and they started emerging one by one into butterflies!

We watched them flutter around in the enclosure for a few days, drinking the juice of the orange slices we gave them, and then it was time to release them!

The butterflies are surprisingly "tame" for just a few seconds after being removed from the enclosure and will usually sit on a finger before taking flight.

Have a happy life butterflies!

We had another recent encounter with wildlife. I was sitting in the bathroom (which all moms know is code for "I need just a few minutes of peace") when Jackson barges in. "Look what I found mom!" And thrusts a lizard in my face. Very much alive and squirming.
Next time I will remember to lock the door. #boymom