Friday, April 15, 2016

Parents' Weekend

Last weekend was Parents' Weekend which meant about 30,000 parents descended upon our town and lots of quality time spent with this lovely team! 

I worked an event on Friday night that led up to Yell Practice. Parents' Weekend Yell Practice is just like a traditional Midnight Yell Practice except it's at 10:00 and not midnight. Because who really wants to stay up until Midnight? And that means it's actually conceivable for our little guys to get to come check it out! And since Nana was in town, she was able to stay with Benjamin.

Watching the Yell Leaders pre Yell Practice and quizzing us about why they were doing push-ups. Good question, buddy. I have no idea.

Saturday morning I had a brunch while the boys went to a birthday party and enjoyed some quality time with daddy and Nana. But Saturday afternoon, we all got to go to the spring Football game together.

Emily bribed provided positive reinforcement for Andrew to sit still and watch the game with her for a quarter. It was amazingly effective. Thanks, Emily!

After a very busy Friday and Saturday, we were all grateful for a more relaxing Sunday!

The boys played in their "kids' hideout" for hours on Sunday, even decorating the inside and outside of it. Jackson added the warning "Do not disturb. No grownups allowed. Only cousins." =D

While I went to one last event on campus in the afternoon, the boys got a surprise visit from Papa John and Granny. Here they are showing Granny that they may have gotten a tiny bit carried away with those markers!

While the big boys made mischief, this little boy made a little mischief himself, if you count grabbing fistfuls of the kitty's hair as mischief. Why doesn't she just run away???

After my event, we went on a walk/scooter ride and Benjamin enjoyed the view from his most favorite perch. My goodness how big he looks with those long legs sticking out!

Phew, after such a busy weekend, this is pretty much how I've felt all week!

Here's to hoping that this weekend proves to be a bit more restful!

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