Sunday, April 24, 2016

Benjamin is 7 months!

Another month has zoomed by and Big Ben is now 7 months old!

Of course, as we have already reported, the big news this month has been Ben's transition to a full-time big boy crawler. As a result, he's getting around so quickly now and finding new ways to cause mischief! He follows me from room to room as I do chores around the house, and quickly crawls to me when I come to pick him up from daycare, whining impatiently at my feet if I take too long to pick him up. 

Not satisfied with a single big milestone in one month, Ben also conquered standing up! 

It's his favorite new skill, and  he seizes every opportunity to pull up to a stand with a big, victorious grin. 

That sweet grin is still toothless, but perhaps not for long. He's a drooly mess, gumming at anything and everything. I think I feel a little tooth just under the surface, we are definitely on high alert for that first gleaming little tooth to break through.

One area where Ben is perhaps a bit behind the curve is his eating habits, or lack thereof. He will finally eat baby cereal without crying and ate about 10 spoonfuls of sweet potatoes tonight without too much drama. He seems to like to feed himself more than being spoon fed, so we give him fruits and veggies he can gum down as much as possible. And he did get to try ice cream and snowcones this month and found that good things do sometimes come from a spoon! One surprising food he really seems to like is chicken! Our older boys completely rejected meat until they were toddlers, but Ben loves it!

Ben is a mama's boy. He's happy enough to hang out with other adults until he spots me, and then I must hold him immediately or else. I swear I heard him say "mama" one day when his daddy was holding him and then I walked in the room and he started fussing.

He's more frequently "one of the boys", happy to be in the mix with his older brothers. 

Yes, Benjamin's 7 month is really when he began proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. After months of being only on the receiving end of his brothers' exuberant affection, he's now able to go on the offensive! Watch out Jackson and Andrew! Baby brother is on the move and coming for you!

Precious boys at 7 months. I think Ben continues to favor Jackson (on the left). He's definitely my baldest baby!

Happy 7 months sweet Benny!

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