Monday, March 14, 2016

Theme Days

We are learning that Kindergarten is all about the theme days. We've had Red Ribbon Week dress-up days, Dress Like a Book Character Day, and most recently, Dr. Seuss Day and Cowboy Day. Jackson LOVES the theme days, so it's hard not to get into it with him. 

For Cowboy Day, Jackson brought home a family assignment to create a stick horse together. I asked Jackson what he wanted his stick horse to look like and he said he wanted "a knight's steed because really he's a knight disguised as a cowboy so he can sneak up on the other knights." Ok. A knight's steed, huh? 

Thankfully I have a well-stocked craft closet so Jackson and I just had to run and get grey yarn for the mane and one piece of yellow felt. Justin cut out the horse head and glued it onto the empty wrapping paper roll, Jackson's cut the pieces of yarn for the mane and I took care of the rest.

Ta-da! He was extremely proud of his horse, ahem, knight's steed, and P-U-M-P-E-D to take it to school!

Jackson was also supposed to take a sack lunch that day, so Justin decorated his lunch bag. Love it. And him. =)

Sweet Andrew is wishing for his own theme days!

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