Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Kickoff

Last week was Spring Break and we lived it up!

We kicked off the fun on Saturday morning at the Lowe's Kid's Workshop. The boys enjoyed making their monster trucks so much the last time and asked to go back to make the next one in the series.  

And no trip to Lowe's is complete without sitting on the tractors!

Saturday night we went to the city's Movie at the Park to see Paddington. Jackson and Andrew enjoyed the pre-movie festivities of a bouncy house and train rides. Remember all of that rain we had a couple of weeks ago? The grass was still pretty soggy, but I thought it would be fine because our picnic blanket is waterproof...or so I thought. As a true testament to how much these boys like movies, as it turns out, that blanket wasn't waterproof...water resistant at best. Our jeans were pretty much soaked through within a minute or two of sitting down and it got pretty cool once the sun went down. I thought for sure they would start complaining and we would be heading home after a few minutes. They not only stuck it out through the whole movie, but there wasn't so much as a peep of complaint. They were pretty happy to sit in a hot bath once home, though. =)

On Sunday, Grammy and Pop arrived! Ben was very happy to see them and show them all his new tricks.

On Monday since Jackson didn't have school, he got to hang out with Grammy and Pop all day. They had a special adventure driving to Austin to pick up Grandma Grandma from the airport. While in Austin, they had lunch with one of Grammy's former students who is expecting triplets! Upon learning that she was going to have three babies, Jackson thought for a moment then said "She has three umbilical cords inside of her?!" LOL.

They definitely had a good day with a stop at Buccees, stretching their legs at the reservoir...

and a donut at the airport!

Andrew and Ben still had school, but lest you feel bad for them for missing out on the fun...they got a special date night with mom and dad after school! Andrew picked cheeseburgers and milkshakes at Grub Burger. With Jackson gone, Andrew didn't have to share the gummy worms in our "Dirt and Worms" milkshake!

Yep, I don't think he missed his brother one bit. =)

On Tuesday, Jackson and Andrew both got to spend the day with Grammy, Pop and Grandma Grandma, with a little park time.

They fed the ducks, had a picnic and even climbed some trees!

What a great start to our Spring Break!

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