Friday, March 25, 2016

Moody Gardens

As we were planning our Spring Break outings, Moody Gardens was on the list of considerations. We had never been before, even though my sister lives about 20 minutes away giving us an easy place to stay. Justin's cousin, Haley, works at Moody Gardens and when she offered free tickets we packed our bags for a quick overnight trip!

We met up with Haley and checked out the aquarium pyramid first. The penguins were a hit, as were the seals, sea lions and sharks!

These brothers are pretty sweet together, when they want to be!

One of the coolest things we saw (in my opinion) was a tank of sea anemones, especially because it was feeding time. I had never seen a sea anemone eat, so that was pretty cool! And there go those sweet brothers again....

Next on the agenda was the Discovery pyramid. The rotating exhibit was all about bones, and our boys enjoyed the hands on play!

A 3D movie came next!

Our next stop was the Rainforest pyramid. Favorites here were the tube of carpenter ants, bats, butterflies, lizards, and snakes.


Jackson and Andrew were particularly enamored with this butterfly that landed on Ben's stroller. Ben, once again, decided that 84 degrees was perfect napping weather and conked out in the Ergo. 

We ended our day with another 3D movie, this one about the National Parks. We have added "Visit the National Parks" to our family bucket list, an aspiration which will take us the next 12 years of Spring Breaks to even scratch the surface on!

Thanks for a fun day of exploring, Haley! 

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