Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Living for the Weekend

We have a busy Spring coming up, with something planned for almost every weekend from now until May. Knowing things are about to get a bit more hectic we lived up our unscheduled weekend.

We started with everybody's favorite pizza pasta on Friday night. Ok, so maybe their favorite is actual pizza, but pizza pasta comes in a close second!

We watched the first two episodes of Fuller House, and it was like an old school TGIF! Jackson and I LOVED it and my heart was so full of nostalgia!

Ben snuck in some extra snuggles after big brothers went to bed.

On Saturday morning, the big boys went to the Lowe's Kids Workshop and made dragon monster trucks. Their pal Caleb was there too making the morning extra fun!

While the big boys were gone, Ben and I got a few things done around the house.

The weather was too beautiful to stay inside though, so a trip to the park with pals Jillian and Alex followed for a picnic and play time. 

On Sunday, Jackson decided to build "the biggest train track ever!" Benjamin was supposed to just watch...

Did the "just watching" last very long? (check him out in the background...)


He wanted to help!

And sample the trains, of course!

Andrew says "Benny is my best friend!"

How I love my weekends with these silly boys!

Oh brothers...they fight, argue, wrestle, whine and generally drive us crazy. Some days bedtime can't come soon enough. But as soon as Monday morning rolls around and I'm sitting in my quiet office at work, my heart starts missing these three something fierce.

Is it Friday yet?


  1. I am loving Fuller House!! But I am not sure why you haven't taken Jackson to Hollywood...he totally could have played max!

  2. Yes! He basically IS Max! And Max is definitely his favorite character. =)