Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt #1

The big boys participated in our community Easter celebration and Egg Hunt the weekend before Easter. It was supposed to be Ben's first visit with the Easter Bunny, but he was running a fever that morning so he and I stayed home. It was COLD that morning which appeared to have thinned the crowd somewhat. 

This picture is pretty typical of any attempted posed picture...Jackson smiling and cooperative...Andrew...not. =P

Everybody lined up around the field...

And they were off!

A successful egg hunt!

Jackson was also eager to take pictures with the various characters while Andrew wanted nothing to do with them!

How cute is he?

After the Egg Hunt, Jackson got to go to a birthday party for a school friend. 

While Jackson partied, Andrew got to call the shots with Daddy. He said "Daddy, I hungry. We go to 'Donalds for some pancakes?" And what do you know...finally a smile!

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