Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dinosaur Park

Starting Wednesday, all three boys were out of school so Justin and I took the day off work. We decided to take a little day trip to the Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek, just outside of Bastrop. It was an easy 90 minute drive for us and so worth the trip! Here are the things we loved about the Dinosaur Park:

1. Great photo ops!

I mean, I can't think of many other places where you can pose with a life size Apatosaurus!

2. It was educational. 

In addition to just being able to appreciate the true-to-life-size and scale of these creatures, each dinosaur featured in the park had an informational sign about that species. What it ate, what made it distinct, how it used its special anatomic features, etc. I know I learned quite a bit!

3. It was just the right size and the natural scenery was nice too!

The dinosaur trail is half a mile long which wasn't too long for little legs. There was lots of shade on the trail which would make this activity a viable option even in the summer. It was a great way to spend a beautiful spring morning outside enjoying the great weather.

We went around the trail once going slow to read every sign, then had a picnic lunch we brought, played on the playground, dug for "fossils" then went around the trail a second time more quickly to see our favorites one more time.

4. These brothers had a great time exploring together!
Aren't my hatchlings precious?
Watch out for that velociraptor Drew! He's going to eat your babies! 

 5. It was affordable!

For about the cost for all of us to go to the movies, we had a very fun, unique, and educational day. Since you can bring in your own picnic, there weren't really any extra costs to consider. We did let the boys each choose a dino from the gift shop, but we thought the prices there were very reasonable as well.

If you have young kids and live within 2 hours of this little gem, GO! It's well worth it!

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