Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Nothing heralds the spring in Central Texas quite like bluebonnets! On our last day of Spring Break and the first official day of spring, we had our annual visit to the bluebonnets for an amateur photo shoot. 

Ben hadn't been feeling well and was inconsolable just an hour before the perfect "golden hour" of sunlight for photos. I wasn't sure we would even be able to leave the house. But I was able to get him calmed down, everyone dressed and crossed our fingers that our preferred spot for bluebonnets was good this year since we hadn't had time for a prior drive-by to scope it out. Given all of that, and our lack of photography skills, I was absolutely delighted with what we got!

Maybe these boys were delighted about being together on the first day of spring. Or maybe daddy just delivered a well-timed fart joke. You will never know... ;)

No one makes you laugh harder than your brother!

Oh this one. Jackson insisted on some solo shots that he posed himself. Isn't it a shame that he has zero personality?

We couldn't get the other boys to cooperate for a picture with dear old dad, but oh my swoon! How handsome are these two??

I'm so thankful that all my boys humored me and granted my wish for photos in the bluebonnets!

Happy Spring, y'all!

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