Thursday, March 31, 2016

Benjamin is 6 Months!

Benjamin is 6 months old and I'm scratching my head wondering where 6 months went!

Gone is my sweet, cuddly little baby, replaced by a busy, always on the move big guy!

This was our hardest monthday photo shoot so far. It seems that just sitting in a chair and watching mommy act silly was way too boring.

How about some outtakes?

The big news this month, of course, is all the ways Ben has figured out how to move. In addition to being a proficient and fast belly crawler, we've seen attempts at bear crawling...

...and increasingly more attempts at full-fledged crawling. I suspect he will be crawling well by his next month day!

Here's a video of our precocious little boy demonstrating all of his skills:

With all of those calories he's burning, you would think that eating food might be high on his list of priorities. Wrong. We've tried baby oatmeal, banana, apples and sweet potatoes and he's defiantly rejected all. However, it may be that he's just more interested in feeding himself. I gave him a half of a banana to gnaw on instead of puree and while he still made faces like he didn't like it, he did continue trying to shove it in his mouth.

Month 6 and his ability to sit up on his own indefinitely brought a new way to take a the big tub with his brothers!

I think he likes it!

And so do they!

He also graduated up to sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat. He definitely enjoys being able to look around and see everything!

While this blog post is late, his 6 month check-up was right on time. He was thrilled with the paper on the exam table and got another declaration of his perfection by Dr. Sullivan!
Here are his updated stats:
Weight- 18 lbs, 11 oz (73rd percentile)
Height- 27.5 inches (85th percentile)
Head circumference- 43 cm (39th percentile)

At 6 months, Ben has developed a little stranger-danger, giving the side-eye to anyone he doesn't recognize. He's still never slept through the night, making it in his own bed until about midnight then joining us in our bed for the rest of the night. I know he doesn't need to eat, but I suspect he wakes up because he just needs his mama. Since I'm away from him all day, I just can't refuse. #momguilt

All three boys at 6 months...I think they all couldn't look more different!

Happy 6 months precious, baby boy! This month you can slow down just a little, ok?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Nothing heralds the spring in Central Texas quite like bluebonnets! On our last day of Spring Break and the first official day of spring, we had our annual visit to the bluebonnets for an amateur photo shoot. 

Ben hadn't been feeling well and was inconsolable just an hour before the perfect "golden hour" of sunlight for photos. I wasn't sure we would even be able to leave the house. But I was able to get him calmed down, everyone dressed and crossed our fingers that our preferred spot for bluebonnets was good this year since we hadn't had time for a prior drive-by to scope it out. Given all of that, and our lack of photography skills, I was absolutely delighted with what we got!

Maybe these boys were delighted about being together on the first day of spring. Or maybe daddy just delivered a well-timed fart joke. You will never know... ;)

No one makes you laugh harder than your brother!

Oh this one. Jackson insisted on some solo shots that he posed himself. Isn't it a shame that he has zero personality?

We couldn't get the other boys to cooperate for a picture with dear old dad, but oh my swoon! How handsome are these two??

I'm so thankful that all my boys humored me and granted my wish for photos in the bluebonnets!

Happy Spring, y'all!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt #1

The big boys participated in our community Easter celebration and Egg Hunt the weekend before Easter. It was supposed to be Ben's first visit with the Easter Bunny, but he was running a fever that morning so he and I stayed home. It was COLD that morning which appeared to have thinned the crowd somewhat. 

This picture is pretty typical of any attempted posed picture...Jackson smiling and cooperative...Andrew...not. =P

Everybody lined up around the field...

And they were off!

A successful egg hunt!

Jackson was also eager to take pictures with the various characters while Andrew wanted nothing to do with them!

How cute is he?

After the Egg Hunt, Jackson got to go to a birthday party for a school friend. 

While Jackson partied, Andrew got to call the shots with Daddy. He said "Daddy, I hungry. We go to 'Donalds for some pancakes?" And what do you know...finally a smile!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Moody Gardens

As we were planning our Spring Break outings, Moody Gardens was on the list of considerations. We had never been before, even though my sister lives about 20 minutes away giving us an easy place to stay. Justin's cousin, Haley, works at Moody Gardens and when she offered free tickets we packed our bags for a quick overnight trip!

We met up with Haley and checked out the aquarium pyramid first. The penguins were a hit, as were the seals, sea lions and sharks!

These brothers are pretty sweet together, when they want to be!

One of the coolest things we saw (in my opinion) was a tank of sea anemones, especially because it was feeding time. I had never seen a sea anemone eat, so that was pretty cool! And there go those sweet brothers again....

Next on the agenda was the Discovery pyramid. The rotating exhibit was all about bones, and our boys enjoyed the hands on play!

A 3D movie came next!

Our next stop was the Rainforest pyramid. Favorites here were the tube of carpenter ants, bats, butterflies, lizards, and snakes.


Jackson and Andrew were particularly enamored with this butterfly that landed on Ben's stroller. Ben, once again, decided that 84 degrees was perfect napping weather and conked out in the Ergo. 

We ended our day with another 3D movie, this one about the National Parks. We have added "Visit the National Parks" to our family bucket list, an aspiration which will take us the next 12 years of Spring Breaks to even scratch the surface on!

Thanks for a fun day of exploring, Haley! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dinosaur Park

Starting Wednesday, all three boys were out of school so Justin and I took the day off work. We decided to take a little day trip to the Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek, just outside of Bastrop. It was an easy 90 minute drive for us and so worth the trip! Here are the things we loved about the Dinosaur Park:

1. Great photo ops!

I mean, I can't think of many other places where you can pose with a life size Apatosaurus!

2. It was educational. 

In addition to just being able to appreciate the true-to-life-size and scale of these creatures, each dinosaur featured in the park had an informational sign about that species. What it ate, what made it distinct, how it used its special anatomic features, etc. I know I learned quite a bit!

3. It was just the right size and the natural scenery was nice too!

The dinosaur trail is half a mile long which wasn't too long for little legs. There was lots of shade on the trail which would make this activity a viable option even in the summer. It was a great way to spend a beautiful spring morning outside enjoying the great weather.

We went around the trail once going slow to read every sign, then had a picnic lunch we brought, played on the playground, dug for "fossils" then went around the trail a second time more quickly to see our favorites one more time.

4. These brothers had a great time exploring together!
Aren't my hatchlings precious?
Watch out for that velociraptor Drew! He's going to eat your babies! 

 5. It was affordable!

For about the cost for all of us to go to the movies, we had a very fun, unique, and educational day. Since you can bring in your own picnic, there weren't really any extra costs to consider. We did let the boys each choose a dino from the gift shop, but we thought the prices there were very reasonable as well.

If you have young kids and live within 2 hours of this little gem, GO! It's well worth it!