Thursday, February 18, 2016

Marvelous Medieval Times

Our weekend of fun in DFW continued when we left the zoo and headed east to Mesquite. The big boys crashed in the van after their big morning checking out all the animals (and walking 5 miles across the zoo!) Since sweet Ben had slept through most of our zoo adventure, he was ready to party once we got to the hotel and was happy to show Nana all of his new tricks. 

With Benjamin in good hands with Nana, we took the big boys to meet Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry at Medieval Times! Judy and Jerry gifted us with this experience and it was awesome! Knights on horseback, swords, and eating with your hands..the whole thing was completely up Jackson and Andrew's alley! We all couldn't have had a better time!

The dinner and show didn't start until what is normally the boys' bedtime, so I was a little nervous about how they would do. But it turns out I had nothing to worry about...

Once the show started, the boys were absolutely captivated.

It's safe to say they got pretty into it. =)

And the cake was a hit too!

The boys have already decided that we have to go back when Benjamin is big enough (and would happily go back like, tomorrow!) Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, Judy and Jerry! We loved sharing the experience with you!

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