Thursday, February 25, 2016

Benjamin is 5 Months

Another month has marched on and precious Benjamin is now 5 months old!

"I'm 5 months old?! How can that be?!"

Benjamin has been knocking out milestones like it's his job (well, I guess it sort of is). He can sit up independently pretty well....

He army man crawls proficiently and is a man on a mission.  His teachers report that he has been exploring the classroom at school.

And we've been seeing lots of this...
Rocking on hands and knees
 And his plank form is impressive!

So basically, we are baby proofing for our 5 month old because he is on the move and getting quicker by the day! Crazy.

He is a HAPPY boy. He thinks his mommy and big brother Andrew are pretty funny. Andrew is basically obsessed with him. They get a lot of quality time together during our morning and afternoon commute and we hear "Benny is my best friend. I love you baby brother Benny!" at least 5 times each way.

His hands are in his mouth constantly, but he's decided he's a big fan of the paci too. It only took 4 months! He's gotten super grabby, and nothing within his reach is safe now. His movements are now coordinated and purposeful. He can spot his paci from several feet away, crawl to it, grab it and put it back in his mouth. Pretty good for 5 months!

He's outgrown his little crib and will move to the pack n play this weekend. He's also decided it's cool to sleep on his belly. He usually sleeps in his own bed 4-5 hours each night and then snuggles in our bed the rest of the night. His brothers love to crawl in our bed with him in the morning and touch him and talk to him then act surprised when he wakes up. =)

At 5 months, his eye color is still a question mark. They are still grey but at times look more brown and other times more blue. I think they will end up hazel. Ben is tall and sturdy, but all of that moving around has made his sweet baby chub melt away already. =(
He's in 9 month clothes but some of his pants and one piece outfits like pajamas are getting too short. Time to get the 12 month clothes out! I would estimate that he weighs about 18 pounds.

I think he continues to favor Jackson.

Happy 5 months, sweet Ben!

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