Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A 'Zoo'pendous Day!

Oh my goodness, we had the best weekend! Jackson didn't have school on Monday, so we planned a long weekend to DFW. We drove up to Fort Worth on Friday night and stayed the night with Matt and MaryAnn. Matt has some connections at the Fort Worth Zoo and treated us to free tickets! Thanks, Matt!

We last went to the Fort Worth Zoo three years ago when Jackson was 2 1/2...and the crazy kid remembers some parts of that visit! Andrew was just a tiny baby, so it was fun to get to go again and discover it all again. AND we got to spend the day with Matt and MaryAnn who the boys absolutely adore.

Jackson's favorite animals were the chimpanzees. They were precious. There was one little chimp who is probably about Andrew's age and he and Andrew seem to have a lot in common! He bounced around the habitat, acting silly and antagonizing all of the other chimps until he got a rise out of them. We also saw a mommy gorilla with a new baby who was absolutely precious.

Jackson and Andrew picked Matt and MaryAnn to ride the carousel with them!

Sweet Benjamin snoozed in his stroller all morning long. 

After lunch Andrew started getting cranky since it was nap time, but Jackson was in his element. He said he was enjoying being a scientist and getting to see the animals and ask ALL THE QUESTIONS. I think he would have watched the otters swim for hours. Who can blame him?

It was a wonderful start to our DFW adventure, but all the fun was just getting started...stay tuned!

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