Saturday, February 6, 2016

80 Degrees in January

When it's nearly 80 degrees in January, you can't not go outside and enjoy it. So last weekend when the weather was particularly unseasonably beautiful, we packed a picnic and headed to one of the boys' favorite parks. 

Even the ladybugs came out to play in this wacky winter weather!

While his brothers ran around like monkeys, Ben rolled around, enjoying the sunshine from the picnic blanket.

There were a few geocaches at the park, so we went in search of the treasure.

And found it!

Sorry Ben, you'll have to get a little bigger to go treasure hunting with the big boys.

Once all the slides had been slid...

...and monkey bars maneuvered...

...and towers climbed...

...we all enjoyed a nice nap (the weather outside was beautiful, but personally this was my favorite view all day)!

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