Monday, February 8, 2016

100th Day

Jackson celebrated 100 days at school last week! For the 100th day, the kindergartners were asked to create a t-shirt that incorporated 100 things. We wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby and Jackson picked out these foam sticker balls. 

I stenciled on the phrase "100 Days and I've had a ball!" and Jackson did the rest! Well, I had to help peel off the sticker backing, but he counted out precisely 100 and stuck them very meticulously on his shirt. At one point there were tears because I was double-checking his count and he was a few short. A heated debate ensued and he exclaimed "Mommy you don't know how to count to 100 but I do! I learned WAY back in Friendship (Pre-K)." Justin and I had to go in the next room to stifle our laughter.

Ta-da! He was very proud of his creation!

They had a great day at school celebrating 100 with special snacks, activities, songs and a parade to display their t-shirt creations.

Jackson survived 100 days...and so did Ms. Loke!

Great job, Jackson!

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