Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sweet, sweet weekend

Never has a weekend been more welcomed! We survived our first week back to school and work and Benjamin's first week of daycare. Survived is a good way to describe it. Poor Ben is having a hard time adjusting. As I feared, he is mostly refusing the bottle, taking just an ounce or two over the whole day. He's been taking just a couple of short naps each day. So by the time we get him home he is hungry, tired and cranky. I've been able to go visit him at lunch, and he makes up for any missed calories in the evenings, but it's just hard.

Ben caught up on his sleep Friday night into Saturday morning. He woke up enough to nurse a couple of times during that stretch, but he was basically out for about 14 hours!

We finally got Christmas all taken down and ran a few errands, but most of the weekend we just hung out, enjoying the slow pace and catching up on snuggles.

It warmed up enough this afternoon to play outside a bit. The boys had fun with some silly string they got in their Christmas stockings.

We didn't win the big Powerball lotto, so all too soon it was Sunday night, the most bittersweet time of the whole week....savoring those last sweet moments of the weekend while filled with the dread of starting the week ahead. Ben fell asleep on my shoulder, something that never happens anymore.

I guess he knew mom needed a few extra snuggles too.

We have a busy week ahead with January New Student Conferences this week. Pray for Justin on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, as he will be getting all three boys up, dressed and out of the house for school since I will have to leave for work before they are even out of bed!

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