Saturday, January 23, 2016

South Padre or Bust!

My mom has decided that she's not going to go outside until the temperature is above her age. So she and my dad made the trek from East Texas to join the throngs of other retirees (who, from the looks of the parking lot, are largely from Minnesota, Michigan, Canada, etc) to "snowbird" this winter in South Padre.  =)

They were nice enough to invite us to enjoy their beach condo with them over the long MLK weekend, so how could we refuse? 

So we set off on Friday morning for the 6.5 hour drive, knowing that with baby Ben in tow, we might need more stops. The older two were happy as can be to watch ALL THE MOVIES, and Ben did ok. 

We planned a long lunch break in Corpus Christi. Justin and I have never been to Corpus, even though it's a city of historical importance for Justin's family. His great great grandfather, Benito Grande, was a prominent member of the Mexican-American community in Corpus Christi, and the home he built for his family has been preserved and is part of the Heritage Park there. 

So while I fed Ben his lunch, the big boys stretched their legs exploring the downtown marina area. They saw lots of boats, pelicans, and even the Selena memorial. Then they found some giant ship anchors and pretended to be baby sloths. 

After lunch, we went to Heritage Park to see the Grande House. This is Justin's mother's father's mother's father's home (did you follow all of that?) Jackson was annoyed that we were making another stop and pouted...he was ready to get to the beach! But Andrew and Benjamin humored their Daddy as he walked in the steps of his ancestors. It wasn't until we were standing there that we realized we had actually named Benjamin Thomas after two ancestors--his great great great grandfather (Benito Grande) and Ben Grande's grandson, Thomas Cherry. Pretty cool, huh?!

After 3 more hours in the car we finally made it to the beach, just before sunset! And could the sky have been any prettier? It looked like a Bob Ross painting! (Side note: Justin and I are obsessed with Bob Ross. Sometimes after a particularly stressful day we will turn on an episode of The Joy of Painting and are instantly soothed by his calm voice and descriptions of the happy little trees. We are so weird.)

Ben's first trip to the beach!

Jackson and Andrew didn't seem to care that the water was about 60 degrees (though their teeth were chattering a bit when we dragged them inside!)

As an added bonus, that evening we got to help Pop celebrate his just one-day-belated birthday!

All of our South Padre adventures are coming up!

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