Sunday, January 24, 2016

South Padre Day 1

As luck would have it, a big cold front blew in on Friday night all the way down to south Texas. So while our view of the beach was beautiful from our condo windows, it was a bit too chilly to enjoy, at least until it warmed up a bit in the afternoon. So Saturday morning we decided to head to Turtle, Inc., a sea turtle rescue facility. 

While we got ready that morning, two little superheroes managed to get along for a little while...

The boys posed for a picture for us in front of this sand sculpture sea turtle creation. Yes, it is really sand! These creations were all over the island (you'll see a few more in our pictures). Apparently they are semi-permanent, with some of the sculptures having been on display to the public for over 2 years. Very cool!

The turtles were so neat! Some, like Allison pictured below, are permanent residents. Allison lost all but one flipper in a predator attack, but they devised a prosthesis to allow her to swim. If her prosthesis falls off though, she can't swim to the surface to breathe so she would die. She has a life guard on duty by her tank the whole time she is swimming to ensure she stays safe, and when the center is closed, she stays in a shallow pool where she can swim to the surface without her prosthesis. Most of their residents though are in various stages of rehabilitation and will be released when they are ready.Very cool work they are doing here!

The boys enjoyed watching Jerry swim and have his snack!

Aren't these the cutest turtles you've ever seen?

Ben enjoyed riding in his stroller, sitting up like a big boy and taking everything in. Andrew loved pushing him around!

 After the sea turtles, we went by the SPI visitor's center to pick up some brochures to decide what we wanted to do next. Here are some more sand castles. Extremely impressive!

We went back to the condo for lunch and naps. This was mine and Ben's view from the balcony during our nap. Not too shabby, right?

This guy is the only one who didn't take a nap in the whole house. Instead he put together about 6 different lego vehicles. By himself. For two hours. Who is this big kid?

After nap, it was about as warm as it was going to get for our whole visit so we took the boys down to the beach. Grammy and Ben came down to the beach but didn't last very long. I stayed out with them but was wrapped up in a towel. Do you think these two minded that it was cold? Not a bit. Not surprisingly, we had the beach to ourselves and it was beautiful! 

Here's a quick video I took of them enjoying the beach. 

They were doing some dirt work on the beach and large machinery paraded by a couple of times. A little boy's dream come true!
The boys loved their beach time but they didn't resist too much when the sun started going down and we suggested heading back to the condo for a warm bath! 

And when you're 4 months old and on vacation, you get to take a bath in the kitchen sink. Precious boy with his bubble mohawk!

Grammy snuggles are the best! What a fun day!

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