Friday, January 1, 2016

So Long 2015, Welcome 2016

We bid farewell to 2015 in typical family-with-young-kids fashion. We had dinner at home (but with wine!) and then sent the boys off to bath with the promise of playing a few games while we waited for the ball drop. While I was putting Benjamin to bed, the big boys found some sparklers and small fireworks Justin had stashed.

After the fireworks, we played a couple of games and then watched the ball drop to ring in 2016 together (the fact that it was only 9:00 and it was a YouTube video of the 2015 ball drop in Times Square was lost on the little boys) ;)

After we got the boys to bed, we watched the shockingly not too different 2016 ball drop from our couch.

While waiting for midnight, I organized photos and videos from the year (8600 files!) and we reflected on the top moments in what was a very exciting year!

Top 10 Moments of 2015 (in chronological order): (drumroll please....) 

1. Finding out we were expecting #3 in January

2. Mere & Justin's Caribbean cruise in April (7 blissful days with no kids and no responsibilities!)

3. Mere & Justin celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary

4. Andrew potty trained!

5. Jackson & Andrew learned to swim

6. We bought a new car--a minivan!

7. In July we enjoyed a beach vacation with all of my family

8. In August Jackson started Kindergarten!

9. In September, Jackson & Andrew had their soccer debut!

10. And of course, we welcomed sweet Benjamin to the world and became a family of 5!

Wow what a year!

I have a feeling that 2016 might be slightly less exciting (no new babies planned for this year!) but certainly no less joyful!

Happy New Year!

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