Thursday, December 31, 2015

Santa's Wonderland

We've gone to Santa's Wonderland every year since 2012, and it's something we all enjoy and look forward to. The prices have gone up every year, and this year we decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. One of the local TV stations does a ticket giveaway so I entered us and forgot about it. Several weeks later though I received an email notifying us that we had won free tickets! Yay! It was only two tickets so we still had to buy two child tickets but it was a much more reasonable expense. We prefer to go on an off-peak night (not a weekend and not the week before Christmas) so we don't have to deal with the crowds, so we waited to go until after Christmas. We had such a fun time!

Since we went after Christmas, Nana got to join us for her first Santa's Wonderland experience! And we finally got a big cold front a couple of days after Christmas so it actually felt Christmasy, and we got to wear our coats and hats and gloves!

We went on the hayride to see all of the lights first.

Jackson's favorite part is still the resurrection and ascension of Christ. =)

Even though it was after Christmas there were still a decent amount of people there, but we never waited in line for more than 5 minutes for anything. We got to do everything we wanted to do and some things, like this sledding experience, multiple times!

After seeing the lights, riding the train and sledding, we took a break to warm up around the fire with hot chocolate and funnel cake.

The cutest little reindeer missed the lights on the hayride, but woke up in time to enjoy the rest of the festivities. Strangers stopped us all night to ooh and ahhh over how cute he was!

The boys both said the sledding was their favorite part, but their second favorite was definitely the snow!

You can't leave Santa's Wonderland without a picture in front of the Texas flag!

It was the perfect conclusion to our Christmas season. Thanks Santa's Wonderland! (Hopefully we can win free tickets again next year!)

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