Tuesday, December 1, 2015

O Christmas Tree

We made our traditional trek to the Christmas Tree Farm the day after Thanksgiving. In my opinion it's such a better way to spend the day after giving thanks than trampling others for Black Friday deals!

Grammy and Pop found their tree first.

We almost didn't get a tree. My new minivan doesn't have rails on top so we thought there was no way to transport it since we couldn't tie it down. But we worked out a plan on the way to the tree farm to rearrange the seats and put the tree inside of the van. Is there anything that minivan can't do? I never thought I'd say this but I love my minivan!

Once we found our tree, daddy had close supervision as he was cutting it down. Really the boys were just watching with jealousy that daddy got to use the saw and they didn't. Someday, little boys, someday!

Back at the house, the decorating team got to work putting up Grammy and Pop's tree. Jackson was very excited to find an ornament that he made!

All the littles were lots of help. The bottom of the tree was very thoroughly decorated.

Benjamin doesn't even need mistletoe to get all the kisses!

After the tree was all decorated, Scarlette was very brave and led these two through a complicated Gingerbread House construction. Bless her.

Once we made it to our house, we got Christmas Tree decorating--Part 2 with our own tree! We started out trying to decorate the tree on Saturday night while watching the Aggie game. Perhaps it had just been a long day or maybe it was the way the Aggies were playing...but everyone was in a bad mood and it wasn't fun. So we called it a night and tried again the next morning with much better luck!

Sweet Andrew put all of his ornaments in one little place....

I snapped a picture before going behind him and re-hanging them. =)

Jackson has been doing a great job of remembering to water the tree every day! And according to the boys, the only thing missing now are the presents under the tree!

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