Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day

Finally it was Christmas morning! The boys have a genius clock in their room that turns green when it's ok to get out of bed and they really do "obey" the clock pretty well. So we set their clock and then set ours for 15 minutes earlier so we could be in place to see their delight when they came downstairs. But then we were sitting there waiting for them and got bored so I went up to wake them up. =)

The "first look" is just the best!

New bikes!!!

And bean bag chairs in each of their favorite colors!

Here is the video of their Christmas morning first look:

After seeing what Santa brought them it was on to stockings. Jackson finally got his Harry Potter wand and couldn't have been more excited. He carried it around everywhere for 3 days. He's never seen Harry Potter and I'm waiting until he's closer to 8 to read the books but he already knows a bunch of the spells, I guess from friends at school?

Lots of goodies in their stocking!

Then it was on to present opening! Benjamin looks a little surprised about his Aggie Jersey. It's a little big now but I bet he will be able to wear it before too long!

Hubby did great! I've wanted a mother's necklace for a long time but it took a while to find one that I liked and that could fit three relatively long names. He also got us tickets for the PostSecret show that will be in College Station in February and has even already arranged the babysitter! Yay!

All the boys got some new books...

Andrew was very excited about his Spiderman helmet to match his new bike. And the fact that no one wore it before him! #littlebrotherprobs

Benjamin loves his jumper! 

After breakfast, we took advantage of the still warm temperatures and went outside to try out those new bikes.

After getting the feel for them in the driveway, Jackson decided he wanted the training wheels off!

No training wheels turned out to be a little harder than he expected though. We're still working on it!

Benjamin got to ride sitting up in the big boy stroller for the first time!

We spent our afternoon playing with new toys and watching A Christmas Story movie. Since then there have been lots of "triple dog daring" of one another, exclamations of "You'll shoot your eye out!" and Jackson has decided he needs Red Rider BB gun next year for Christmas.

We ended the merriest of Christmases with dinner with our friends, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and cake!

Merry Christmas!

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