Saturday, December 26, 2015

Alfie's Last Week

Alfie had a big final week with us!

First, he was pretty excited to be in the single digit countdown and wanted to make sure the boys knew too!

Next, he joined up with some prehistoric friends for a little parade.

Cousins Annabelle, Breelie and new baby Leo were spending the night on the last day of school before the break, so Alfie was joined by his cousins Marigold, Frog and new baby elf Jingle. So cute! They brought the kids a special breakfast treat!

When Jackson and Andrew got home from school they discovered that Alfie had enjoyed the leftovers!

At Grammy and Pop's house, the cousin elves found a good spot to observe the festivities atop a poinsettia...

And had a great view of all of the Christmas morning fun from their spot on the mantle!

Alfie decided to spend the day with us in the van when we were on our way to and from the Polar Express.

And then needed a day to recover from all the travelling in his own hand-sewn sleeping bag!

 His final prank was to crepe paper the boys' door!

The boys were really looking forward to Santa but were a little sad about Alfie's impending departure. He had a grand farewell planned though....stay tuned!

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