Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Alfie's First Week

Alfie has already been with us one whole week!

On the first day after he arrived with the North Pole Breakfast, we discovered that he had found our advent calendar! Good job Alfie!

On Day 2, some of the boys' toys apparently thought he was an intruder and captured him. Poor Alfie!

On Day 3, Alfie foreshadowed our activity for that evening with his own snowball fight!

On Day 4, Alfie did a little fishing.

On Day 5, Alfie brought some special seeds and a note explaining that the boys should plant them in the sugar, sprinkle them with the magic "fertilizer" and wait to see what would grow!

So they happily planted the seeds and waited, not so patiently, until the next day...

When they found Alfie the next morning, they discovered their seeds had sprouted into candy canes! While both boys thought this was pretty neat, Jackson said "Alfie, you cheated! The seeds didn't grow into candy canes...you just stuck the candy canes down in the sugar! The seeds are still in there!"
He's onto us...

And finally, on Day 7, Alfie was helping a few friends rappel up the wall.

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