Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Alfie's 2nd Week

Alfie has had another busy week!

Alfie showed us that he likes M&Ms almost as much as two little boys we know, and left us with a very important message!

The next night I had been wrapping some gifts and I guess I left my wrapping supplies where Alfie could get into them....

It's hard to stay focused at school with so much excitement in the air. Alfie wanted to give the boys a gentle reminder that their behavior at school matters too!

Over the weekend, Alfie became a travelling elf as we made our trip to Dallas for Christmas with Justin's mom's side of the family!

And when we made it home safe and sound, Alfie brought the boys some little gifts!

Alfie and Rudolph enjoyed a round of Connect 4.

What will he come up with next??

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