Wednesday, December 2, 2015

3rd Annual North Pole Breakfast

He's back! Alfie is back! And to announce his arrival, once again he threw a little breakfast party, straight from the North Pole!

This year it was reindeer pancakes, complete with bacon antlers (Alfie's attempt to balance out all the sugar), yogurt with Christmas sprinkles, banana and strawberry candy cane, and everybody's favorite...snownuts!

 Alfie's welcome letter read:

Greetings  Jackson, Andrew & Benjamin!

Christmas time is here again! That means its time for me to move in!

On Santas behalf I will watch and listen,So I can report back what he might be missing.

The Elf Magic happens when you are GOOD,So listen to your parents like good boys should.

The rules are the same, and I hope you agree,I cant talk to you, and you cannot touch me.

If you do as youre told, youll find me each day
In a new place having fun or waiting to play.

To kick off our month of fun, Ive brought breakfast
Im so excited to be back in Texas!

Love, Alfie

P.S. Benjamin is even cuter in person! Welcome little guy!

The first look! Surprise boys, Alfie is back!

Somebody was excited!

Once everyone had sugared up, we read the book.

Then they opened their Christmas jammies!

Jackson was delighted with Alfie's pajama selection. He exclaimed "Pajamas like Kevin!!!" (from Home Alone)

Have you ever seen a baby so excited about pajamas?

I'm sure when Alfie saw these sweet smiles it was so worth his early morning flight from the North Pole to make it to Texas and have breakfast on the table before these early rising boys made it downstairs!

Welcome back, Alfie!

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