Wednesday, December 23, 2015

21st Day of Christmas: Polar Express

Monday, December 21, 2015
Happy twenty-first day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 4 days! All Aboard the Polar Express!

We've wanted to take the boys on the Texas State Railroad's Polar Express train ride since Jackson could first say "choo choo". This year Nana made it happen for us as her gift to the boys! So on Monday, we made the short drive from Nacogdoches to Palestine with two very excited boys.

Benjamin was happy to hang out with Nana while the big boys ran around, burning off energy before our train arrived.

It was a full-circle experience for Justin...

who rode the same train with his mom and GG when he was 4. =)

Finally it was boarding time! Tickets! Tickets please!

Once underway, dancing chefs served us cookies and hot chocolate (nevermind that the "chefs" were somewhat awkward and less than enthusiastic teenagers...the boys didn't notice) =)

Ben got a little upset when he realized there was no cookie for him...

He cheered a bit when passed off to Daddy...but it didn't last long.

So he got his snack on the Polar Express too. #reallife

Pretty soon we were at the North Pole where Santa and the elves were waiting! Compared to the North Pole in the Polar Express movie, this one looked a little...different. Jackson later told me it wasn't the North Pole but it must have been Santa's secret Texas headquarters. He's onto us...

There was a short stop and then they announced that Santa had boarded the train! We sang Christmas carols until the Big Man entered our car.

Priceless faces when they saw Santa!

...well, until he got too close anyways!

 What a fun adventure and priceless memories! Thank you, Nana!

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