Tuesday, December 22, 2015

18th, 19th & 20th Days of Christmas - East Texas Christmas

Friday, December 18, 2015
Happy eighteenth day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 7 days! Over the rivers and through the woods—to Grammy and Pop’s house we go!

Before we could head to Grammy and Pop's though, there were school Christmas parties to enjoy! Parents were invited to join in the fun at Jackson's school, so Justin, who had the morning shift at home with Ben, got to go and observe the festivities! There was an all-school reading of the Polar Express and a sing-a-long. Who's not surprised that Jackson knew all the words and really got into this? 

Back in the classroom, there were crafts and special snacks and one little boy who was very excited to have his daddy there.

Once everyone was done with work and school, we were finally able to make it over the river and through the woods to Gram and Pop's house for our East Texas Christmas! 

First up on Saturday morning was our Christmas with Papa John and Granny. 

Jackson is at that delightful age where he is exceptionally articulate, but with absolutely no filter. So when he receives a gift like clothes, he will tell you it's boring. (Mommy is grateful for the clothes, by the way!) But legos are always a home run!

Andrew is fairly indifferent about clothes too but he did enjoy his cowboy pajamas!

The boys had stayed up late playing with their cousins and then woke up at the crack of dawn to hang out with Pop so after a fun morning and early afternoon hanging out with Papa John and Granny they were totally exhausted. Maybe Mommy was too.... =)

After our nap it was time for our Christmas party at Gram and Pops! With everyone looking festive, we lined up for our annual family photos (hurry before anyone spills anything on their clothes!)

Last year, Pop made his Christmas list and asked Santa for more grandkids. Santa wasn't able to make it happen on short notice last year, but this year Pop has two new little blessings to celebrate.

After lots of good food was consumed, it was time for our annual hayride and Christmas caroling. Aunt Mel made sure the littlest family members were bundled up for the hayride in style! How precious are these two little reindeer?

Benjamin was so cozy he slept through his first hayride.

 He woke up at the end though and was all smiles to see Santa!

We warmed up with some hot cocoa and then prayed all the sugar and excitement would wear off quickly so that we could get all the kids to bed so Santa could come! And come he did!

After breakfast it was time for presents! Ben helped Pop with the traditional readings.... 

And Jackson got to help pass out stockings....

And then finally presents! I forgot/was otherwise occupied to take pictures throughout most of the present opening, but did get one of Jackson opening his first gift which he was extremely excited about. A real baseball bat! 

Ben loves Christmas!

And of course we had to get a picture of Ben and Leo together. We had to remind Ben not to roll over so he didn't squash his cousin, because my what a difference 10 weeks makes! Ben and Leo were almost the exact same size at birth, so we know that Ben was this little just a short time ago but when you see him now you wonder how that was possible!

Another very exciting gift the boys received were roller skates. If you remember, these were on Jackson's Christmas list two years in a row. Jackson gave it a pretty good go and I suspect will be pretty good with a little practice. Andrew got frustrated and gave up almost right away. But how cute is his little pout? I'm not worried...once Jackson masters it, Andrew won't be far behind. There are few physical feats that Andrew lets Jackson dominate.

Then all too soon it was time to get on the road again...Pop whistled our littlest to sleep so he at least slept the first leg of our trip! (Pop may or may not have also fallen asleep mid-whistle) ;)

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