Thursday, December 17, 2015

14th and 15th Days of Christmas: Shaving Cream Bath and Looking at Lights

Monday, December 14, 2015 
Happy fourteenth day of Christmas Jackson and Andrew! Santa will be here in just 11 days! Have you ever thought it would be fun to look like Santa? During bath tonight, make Santa beards and hair with shaving cream and play with snow! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Jackson and Andrew remembered that Daddy had done this activity with them last year and wanted him to join in the fun again. I guess Daddy makes a better Santa than your brother!

This year, Jackson practiced writing on Daddy's back. 

Thankfully this is the closest this guy is ever going to get to having a beard!

Benjamin looks forward to joining in all the fun next year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Happy fifteenth day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 1o days! Tonight a very special surprise is waiting for you at bedtime! Take your bath and put on your jammies, then look under your pillow!

This is Jackson's face as I read the prompt to him. Since it's an old familiar favorite he instantly knew and couldn't have been more excited!

Tickets for the "Polar Express" (Honda Odyssey edition).

But before we could go on our bedtime ride, we had to finish up those cards for the teachers! For the first time this year, Jackson got to write in all of his cards--a task Mommy was more than happy to pass along!

The cards were Rudolph handprints with the verse "You'll go down in history as a great teacher!"
 After bath, it was time for our ride, but first you have to get your ticket punched! I'm not quite as fast with the puncher as the conductor in the movie but I did my best. =)

Benjamin was pretty excited about the ride too!

The boys' favorite part of looking at Christmas lights is when they get to get out of their seats when we stop at the houses that have a "show" set to music.

After looking at lights and putting the boys to bed, I was a busy little elf and got ALL of the wrapping done. Hurray!

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