Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12th & 13th Days of Christmas: Christmas in the Big D

Saturday, December 12, 2015
Happy twelfth day of Christmas Jackson & Andrew! Santa will be here in just 13 days! One of the best parts about Christmas is spending time with family. This weekend we are roadtripping to Dallas to celebrate Christmas with Daddy's family! Don't forget the presents you picked out for them!

We packed a ton of fun into our weekend trip! After arriving around lunch time on Saturday and having lunch with Nana and Aunt Judy, we went to Judy's house to hang out for a while. Just down the street from her house is a big park where they were having a Christmas event. It was a little wet out so we just took the big boys while Benjamin stayed at the house with Justin.

Even Santa was there!

They had a cute little petting zoo and I just wanted to take one of these little bunnies home with me!

Dinner and the boys' first round of present opening followed! Andrew was pretty excited about his rubber boots and elbow pads and knee pads!

At the end of the evening, we headed over to Fort Worth to spend the night at my brother's house. Jackson and Andrew think that Uncle Matt is the coolest. On Sunday morning, he took them hot tubbing!

I guess Andrew didn't really pay attention when we talked about how the pool itself isn't heated...just the hot tub part. He took a running leap into the big pool and Matt had to jump into the cold water to fish him out. Thanks Matt! Matt's lab, Deuce, though enjoyed the cold water!

With the assurance that we would see Matt again in less than a week and the enticement of more presents, we managed to tear the boys away so we could head over to Arlington for the Christmas party with Justin's extended family. 

We loved seeing and visiting with everyone and the boys were completely spoiled with all the presents!

Benjamin was worn out from meeting all of his relatives, so he crashed and slept straight through the present opening.

Grandma Ann enjoyed the sleepy snuggles!

The only bad part about the weekend was having to return home to head back to work and school for one more week until vacation!

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