Sunday, November 29, 2015


We continued our November tradition of every evening at dinner time taking some time to share those things we were most thankful for. We wrote them on our leaves and hung them from our mantle. What a wonderful collection of blessings! Here's a sample of our thankfulness: 

Benjamin is currently a pretty simple guy. 

Andrew was thankful for God and Gracie every single night, but we pushed a little and found a few more things he was thankful for:

For the first time Jackson got to write his own leaves! How precious is that 5 year old handwriting?
Ms. Loke (his teacher), Gracie, Jesus & my cousins

Justin and I, as reflected on our leaves, are overwhelmingly thankful for one another and our three precious blessings who fill our lives with so much joy.

Jackson has been learning about the traditional first Thanksgiving at school. And he was so proud of his (completely stereotypical) Native American costume he made and asked me to take a picture of him in it. I bit my tongue when he told me about the Pilgrims and Native Americans living together in harmony. If I "re-educated" him with the reality, knowing Jackson, he would go to school and tell his teacher that his mommy said she was wrong. (*Note to self: Find some good books about Thanksgiving and non-stereotyped Native American tribes and people before next year.) In any case, I can tell how hard he worked on his costume and am proud of him for that!

We headed to the Cabin in the Woods on Tuesday evening to spend Thanksgiving with my family. As we were pulling out of our neighborhood, Andrew asks "Are we almost there?" Perhaps he was just a little bit eager to see Grammy and Pop!

On Wednesday, we got outdoors and enjoyed the fall weather with a nature scavenger hunt while it was still nice outside since rain was headed our way. 

The boys happily followed Pop around as he pointed out deer tracks, big ant hills and evidence of other critters.

Ben is not quite interested in the wildlife yet, but he enjoyed the fresh air!

Later that evening Matt and MaryAnn arrived and they got to meet Ben for the first time!

Sweet Ben got a bath in the sink to get spruced up for the next day's festivities! So much chub. Isn't he delicious?

And it was a very happy first Thanksgiving for this little turkey (and everyone else too)! We all ate too much and thoroughly enjoyed one another's company.

My heart overflows with gratitude for the blessing of our little family!

 What a great crew to spend my favorite holiday with!

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