Thursday, November 12, 2015

So Long Hot Shots

Our very first soccer season has officially come to an end! The boys' season ended with their "Demo Day" to show all of their friends and family how much they learned.

Sweet Andrew's age group was up first!

He happily showed off all of his ball skills. He's a lot quicker than he was at the beginning of the season and more sure-footed with the ball.

His ladder skills are awesome!

And check out that vertical!


I envision lots of end-of-season photos in front of the goal in our future! Great job Andrew!

Jackson's age group was at the end. He got to scrimmage the whole time which he was really excited about. He enjoyed Hot Shots but he's ready for real games! 

It's always important to stretch first!

And then they were off!

Sometimes you're in the lead and then get tripped up...

...but you get back up and try again!

Jackson is not the best soccer player on the team. Lots of the kids have been playing for years already and may be more naturally talented. So we have had lots of opportunities to talk this season about how it's more important to give your best effort and have fun than it is to always be the best.

It's so fun watching him play!

And he has some sweet victory dances. =)
Go Hotshots!

I think a big part of the reason he enjoyed it so much was because he got to play with his buddy Caleb. They are great competition for each other and I hope they get to play together for many more years!

Yes, we are those parents who paid for our kids to get trophies....we are preferring to think of them as souvenirs of a really fun experience--like when you go to Disney World and buy mouse ears. =)

Here's a quick highlight reel for those grandparents who weren't able to make it. Justin didn't think to take video until Andrew's actual ball skills were over and they had moved on to the ladder. Sorry buddy!

It was so much fun and we are all looking forward to next soccer season!

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