Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pumpkin Projects

October is all things pumpkin, and though I may not be a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, I do love my pumpkin marshmallow scentsy and getting crafty with pumpkins!

We got lots of opportunities for pumpkin craftiness this year, starting with a special assignment from Jackson's school to create a favorite book character out of a pumpkin. Jackson picked Camilla from A Bad Case of Stripes. 

It was definitely a family effort. Jackson and I did the planning for the project. Jackson made a list of all the colors of paint we would need, as well as the hair and bow for our trip to Hobby Lobby. Writing is not his favorite task but he's already improved so much since school started! And he's awesome at sounding words out to read or spell them. 
Jackson's list.
It was our intention that we would just tape off each stripe section so Jackson could do all the painting. Unfortunately painters tape pulls off dried paint on a pumpkin so Jackson painted the top and bottom stripe and Justin painted the others, as well as the face. I went hot glue crazy and glued on the hair and affixed perhaps the one pink bow I will ever buy.

Our next project was our traditional pumpkin witch. The boys painted the pumpkin green and then we poked in all of the pieces together.

The boys thought Benjamin needed a paint brush too!

On Halloween morning, we carved our pumpkin! Daddy cut the top off, the boys helped scoop out the guts and picked out the design, and mommy did the carving.


While not pumpkin related, on Halloween we took a break from our pumpkin projects for a lunch of mummy dogs! These were fun to make and the boys took great joy in biting off the mummy's heads. =)

Our last project was salt dough hand print pumpkins! The boys helped roll out the dough and made their hand prints, of course. Benjamin contributed a hand and a footprint since his are so teensy tiny. =) Then the big boys painted their pumpkins orange, and I assisted with the black part. 

I think they turned out so cute!

Now onto turkeys... ;)

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