Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lasers Ready!

Jackson has been struggling a bit with completing his work at school. It's not at all an issue of him struggling with the academic content--he's excelling in that regard--he is just slow and easily distracted when it comes to completing worksheets, etc. Given that he's a young 5, I think it's just a maturity issue and...let's be honest, worksheets are boring. Regardless, we have strategized a plan with Jackson's teacher to provide him with a bit more visual accountability for his behavior during the day and it seems to be working! He was working towards an incentive and on Friday he nailed it! Yay Jackson! The carrot dangling in front of him was a round of laser tag, so on Saturday we held up our end of the bargain and were off to Grand Station.

Jackson is an old pro at laser tag thanks to all of his field trips with his preschool this summer. He basically quoted the introductory video to us. He was in his element and ready to dominate!

Andrew though was a newbie. He wasn't so sure about the heavy vest but he was delighted about the laser gun!

Jackson was adorably chivalrous during the game. He and I were running around together for a while and he jumped between me and another player and shouted "DON'T YOU SHOOT MY  MOMMY!!!" Justin got the high score on our team and let's just say the rest of us...didn't. =) But everyone had fun!

While we were playing laser tag, Benjamin got to hang out with Nana who came into town to hang out with us a few days. How precious is his little bear hat???

Someone had given me a $5 gift card for the adjoining arcade and we maybe made that last all of 10 minutes. We learned that skeeball requires an underhanded rolling technique that our boys just have not developed yet and it's surprisingly hard to let someone win at air hockey.

After our gift card ran out, the boys spent their 29 tickets on two bouncy balls and two plastic frogs, all of which have already been lost under the couch or forgotten, but for about an hour, they were the most precious treasures they had ever owned.

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