Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Campers

The Malnars embarked on our first camping trip on Friday night. Ok, so maybe "trip" is a bit of an overstatement. We went camping in our back yard! It was all the fun of camping without the stress of packing the car, stressing about forgetting something, etc...and best of all, at the end of the night, Benjamin and I were able to go inside and sleep in a real bed while the big boys roughed it! 

With daylight fading quickly, Justin hustled to get the tent and fire pit set up.

I attempted to entertain the boys with glow sticks. This was supposed to be a fun glow in the dark ring toss game (the glow sticks were the ring toss pole and the necklaces were the rings). But that dissolved quickly and the sticks just became swords. Of course.

And the following is what happens when you say "Hug your brother and smile for me!"

Camping makes you hungry so the next activity was weenie roasting!

And smores! Incidentally, I'm the only one who actually likes smores. Andrew likes them in theory but in practice only eats a bite or two but manages to get sticky marshmallow over every part of his body. Jackson likes his with just the chocolate and graham cracker. Justin thinks they are just ok.

After smores, Andrew told us scary ghost stories. Not really, but this picture is a little frightening!

After smores, we went on a nature walk to hunt for wild animals. We did see one bunny! And some neighbors out walking their dogs. =)

The beauty of backyard camping is that next everyone got to go inside, put on warm jammies, brush their teeth, wash all the smores off their faces, and go potty before heading into the tent for the night! Once inside the tent, we read lots of stories by the light of the flashlight, sang some songs and lots of snuggling was enjoyed by all. After I retired to the house, Jackson reported that it was fun sleeping in the tent and they heard crickets chirping all night (as well as the neighbors' dogs barking and motorcycles and the train whistle.) In the middle of the night it even started raining. What an adventure!

I'm sure real camping trips are in our future, but for now backyard camping is perfect. Precious memories with these little boys!

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