Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday! I asked the boys for one birthday picture and this is what I got...can't win 'em all...even if it's your birthday!

A highlight was getting to celebrate my day with the lady who made it all mom! In addition to bringing me life and not killing me during my teenage years, she also came into town and babysat my children so Justin and I could go out AND made me a cheesecake! Best mom ever.

We had planned to go up to campus on Saturday for the march-in to the Aggie game but the afternoon proved to be rainy. We desperately needed an outing for these boys so we went up to the mall just to walk around.

All three boys wanted to walk with mom in the mall. Am I a lucky lady, or what? =)

And can we talk about that cheesecake? Amazing!

We actually had dessert first, after the boys finished their dinner but before we went out. Jackson wouldn't even try it since the name turned him off. He said that "chocolate and cheese wouldn't taste very good together" and no amount of coaxing could convince him otherwise. Oh well, more for me! After dessert, Justin and I went and had a delicious and relaxing dinner and I had my first glass of wine in 11 months. Wonderful!

Year 31 meant becoming a minivan driving mom of three. I'm not sure that 32 can top that, but I'm going to try my best. =)

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