Sunday, November 8, 2015

6 Weeks!

On Wednesday, Benjamin was 6 weeks old! 

Around 5 weeks he started smiling a bit. Those flukey, half smiles are becoming more reliable and frequent, though he still saves his best smiles for his mobile above the changing table. He continues to love his baths.

His love affair with inanimate objects extends to the picture frames on the wall which he loves to gaze at.

6 weeks meant I had my postpartum check-up as well. Benjamin got to see Dr. South who delivered him and she admired his chubby cheeks and chunky thighs. Our scale at home (with me stepping on holding him and then stepping on again without him and subtracting the difference) says that he weighs 13 pounds! I don't want to believe this is true, but he is definitely outgrowing 0-3 month clothes (typically a 12.5 lb max) and size 1 diapers  (up to 14 lbs). We will move him into size 2 diapers as soon as we finish the current pack. If chubba man continues with the same growth rate, he will have doubled his birth weight just after he turns 2 months. That's crazy!

This week he got his first bottle. I was worried that he wouldn't take the bottle well since he still refuses a pacifier most of the time, but he did pretty well. We will keep practicing a few times a week, and hopefully by the time I go back to work part-time after Thanksgiving he will be ok.

He's super strong. He's doing great holding his head and chest up and wants to stand up all the time when someone is holding him and providing balance. Tummy time is still ok in small doses.

 In general, Ben is a mama's boy and not terribly happy unless I am holding him. He has entire days where he is pretty much only happy if he's nursing, and he will only cat nap if he's in someone's arms. Others days though, he's a dreamboat. I haven't discovered any rhyme or reason to a good day vs. a bad day but just hoping the bad days are growth spurts and he's just cluster feeding? A saving grace is that he does seem to love the Ergo carrier, so I'm able to wear him a lot to keep him happy and I'm still able to get stuff done. 

Speaking of getting stuff done, I started "back to work" ten hours per week from home at around 4 weeks. We've found a good rhythm of me working for a couple of hours in the morning while he snoozes. He doesn't seem to mind in the least bit and it keeps me mentally engaged which will ease the transition when I have to go physically back to work in a few weeks.

Oh man, I love everything about this picture!. The way he was laughing in his sleep and those chins and elbow dimples. And Gracie standing guard. Cracks me up!

Happy 6 weeks buddy!

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