Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Malnar 5 take on the Corn Maze

Well on Saturday we got brave and made our first day trip out of town with our family of 5. Our destination was the P-6 Farm in Montgomery to visit the corn maze. It's only 45 minutes away, so it was a good test for us. We got everyone and everything (we can't travel as light as we did just a month ago!) loaded up and we were off!

Benjamin did great in the car coming and going. No complaints there!

Our first stop at the farm was the cow train. Last year, Daddy still got to ride with Andrew, but this year he's all big kid and can ride by himself. Tear!

The highlight of the cow train was that this year it actually took them into the corn maze which was an unexpected hit.

Next up were the water pump duck races. We actually did this activity twice because both boys enjoyed it so much.

While I went and nursed Benjamin the boys played on the slides, tire mountain, dirt hill and such.

The line was short for the hayride and Ben seemed content so we did that next. Yep, Ben's contentedness lasted exactly half the hayride. He screamed the second half. I guess he didn't like it? My apologies to to all those other guests who were on the hay ride with us...

I got Ben settled and then we took off for the main attraction: the corn maze!

This is what you get when you say "Hug your brother!" =)

The boys enjoyed the story of Spookley the square pumpkin although I think Jackson almost knows it by heart after hearing it 3 years in a row.

We made it out just in time for the pig races. Although the show hadn't started yet, there were no seats left so Justin went into beast mode and hoisted 70 pounds of boy onto his shoulders so they could see. Great job, Superdad! Jackson said the pig races were his favorite part of the day!

Our most challenging part of the day was Justin trying to acquire lunch for the 4 of us on his own with two littles in tow while I sat and nursed Benjamin. Once he got the food though he got to relax a bit with a picnic in the shade.

Ben enjoyed getting to stretch out a bit and some affection from his brothers.

The next activity was the one Jackson has waited for for years. It's a paintball type game with a CO2 gun, but it shoots nerf balls. The gun is pretty heavy so this is the first year he's been big enough to do it, while Justin helped Andrew. I wasn't able to get any good pictures though because the course is surrounded by a big fence with netting so none of them turned out, plus Benjamin was fussing. We ended our day with the "Corn Popper" jumping pillow, and posed for a couple of pictures on our way back to the car.

All in all it was a very successful day! The big boys had fun getting out of the house for the day and we proved to ourselves that we can do this (though the people who shared the cursed hay ride with us may have doubted that)! 

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