Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rainy Weekend

It rained buckets all weekend, but you know what made it a little brighter? Seeing these faces! Justin's brother Cody and his wife Sam came to visit us! They got to meet Benjamin for the first time and hang out with the big boys. Thanks for coming to visit us guys! We loved having you!

A rainy weekend led to a couple of stir-crazy boys, so when we stepped outside for a minute on Saturday morning to watch the rain, and knowing we were just about to get the boys dressed for the day....well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know they are having a blast running around in the rain in their underwear. Best rainy Saturday ever!

Another great rainy day activity, of the fully clothed and dry variety, was water beads! Have you seen these things before? They come in a little tiny bag, you put a few teaspoons into a bowl of water, and a few hours later you have quarts of wonderfully squishy, slippery, bouncy water beads!

They provided hours of entertainment! They held Andrew's attention for about 45 minutes, which in Andrew terms is amazing. Jackson played with them for a couple of hours--scooping, pouring, and finally sorting them all into the various color groups.

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